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Jakob is an Analyst at VSquared Ventures. He began his academic career at LMU Munich, studying astrophysics and building a strong foundation in computational science. Becoming more and more interested in researching technology that has potential for real-life application he then transitioned into the field of bioengineering for his doctoral research. As he continued and pursued his doctoral studies at the Technical University in Munich in collaboration with the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, he actively engaged with the latest advancements in fluorophores, sensor developments, and optical systems, ultimately pushing the boundaries of intravital optical microscopy for pre-clinical applications. His contributions in this field have led to multiple publications and patents.
Thanks to his interdisciplinary background, Jakob serves as a great partner for tech startups, irrespective of their technological focus. His expertise spans a wide spectrum, including software, photonics, and biotechnology.
Beyond his professional pursuits, Jakob loves to ski and mountain-climb, having recently also discovered a passion for mountain biking.