In 1878, the British Parliament found an invention „unworthy of the attention of practical or scientific man“, preferring to keep the country in the dark. Fortunately, this did not keep Thomas Edison from bringing the light bulb he had invented to the entire world. The car was called a “fad”, the telephone considered “hardly more than a toy”, and if a determined researcher named Katalin Karikó had listened to critics who dismissed her idea as „too radical,“ the world would not have lifesaving mRNA vaccines today.

The many variations of the same old story show that our society owes its success to alleged madmen and -women who changed the world because they believed in their ideas. We endorse this kind of scientific, technological, and entrepreneurial madness. In fact, we see it as having a head start in knowledge and imagination. We value curiosity and playfulness and pair it with experience and structure. Order can be added later on, but the creativity and determination of the beginning cannot.


Years before the European New Space boom was born, we believed in the rocket builders of Isar Aerospace and became their first investors. Before Google showed the world that quantum computers are indeed superior, we had already invested in IQM, turning it into Europe’s leading quantum computing hardware company. And while many still believe that replacing a smartphone with glasses is impossible, we are funding the AR experts at OQmented who can make the platforms of the future possible.


For us, the convergence of various technological breakthroughs is creating unimaginable opportunities. We look out for new light bulbs, new cars or a new internet every week. Finding and backing transformative entrepreneurs and technologies is our dedicated mission. Once committed to a partnership, we will do whatever it takes to help accelerate and scale your vision, unlocking all possibilities of the seemingly impossible.