Ferdinand Vermersch


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Ferdi is an Associate at VSquared Ventures. He has a background in neuroscience and dabbles in software engineering. Whilst at university, Ferdi quickly realised that his passion for new technologies was best explored outside of the lab, and decided to join the venture ecosystem. Since then he has held various positions as an operator and as an investor, exploring the nexus of business and science and doing his best to help early-stage founders from either side of the table. Before joining the team, Ferdi worked as an investment analyst for M Ventures, Merck KGaA’s corporate venture arm, supporting the Frontier Tech and Sustainability team. Prior to this, he worked for various start-ups in the health-tech space, as well as for Atlantic Food Labs – one of Europe’s leading food-tech investors. In his spare time, Ferdi enjoys surfing, climbing and making music.