Homomorphic Encryption

Using breakthrough homomorphic encryption, ZAMA enables a better digital world, where large data sets can be used for AI and other applications while safeguarding user privacy.


In today’s internet, private data is not safe. Major online providers are hacked again and again, exposing users‘ data. Online surveillance is on the rise. And the increasing use of artificial intelligence, which requires a lot of data, involves the collection of even larger amounts of sensitive information. But this data cannot be properly encrypted using conventional cryptography methods as data must be decrypted before it can be computed.


ZAMA enables a safe and end-to-end encrypted internet where everything people do online can only be retraced by themselves. With homomorphic encryption, ZAMA is pioneering on a technology that can convert and deploy a trained neural network into a secure, cryptographic equivalent. Nevertheless, the implementation is simple: It only takes a few lines of extra code to work with encrypted data. The possible applications of the technology are endless, ranging from autonomous driving to medical solutions to almost any element of the internet’s infrastructure.



Pascal Paillier

Rand Hindi