Curved CMOS Sensors

The French startup SILINA can help create a new generation of vision systems by curving imaging sensors at large scale.

A human eye operates with only one lens, the crystalline, offering an outstanding image quality and detection capability. Thanks to a curved retina, this vision system is very compact and simple. In comparison, digital cameras need many complex and expensive optical elements to do the same job. The reason: the imaging sensor is flat, and not curved like the human retina. This leads to severe limitations of camera performance for every single application of the imaging industry.

Combining unique research on semiconductors with innovative technologies from other industries, the team of SILINA recently demonstrated that they could curve a full wafer of 275 imaging sensors at the same time. SILINA unique technology makes it possible to produce significantly smaller and lighter cameras, offering at the same time a much better contrast and sensitivity than traditional ones.

The aerospace, defense, and medical imaging industry should get ready for disruption as well as the industrial imaging, consumer, surveillance, automotive, and smartphone market.



Michael Bailly

Wilfried Jahn