Safe Intelligence

Next Level AI Safety

Using proprietary methods and software, SAFE INTELLIGENCE enables the safe deployment of AI systems based on machine learning and neural networks that could not be deployed before.


Whether in car manufacturers, banks, insurance companies or in the aerospace industry, many artificial intelligence systems are currently stuck in the labs. Their safe use cannot be guaranteed as it’s not possible to simulate or test every edge case the AI might encounter. That’s why, for example, self-driving cars are not approved even after millions of test miles driven.


SAFE INTELLIGENCE’s software doesn’t rely on extensive testing procedures that ultimately fail to deliver reliable results but formulates problems as mathematical equations. Simply said, SAFE INTELLIGENCE calculates whether an AI can be used safely or not. Based on this technology, solutions for verification, repair, explainability, and monitoring of AI are already in the product pipeline.


As a spinout from Imperial College London, SAFE INTELLIGENCE was founded by four world-leading researchers in the field of safe AI and has unique access to breakthrough methods and tools based on years of scientific research.