Next generation battery recycling

cylib’s unique technology takes battery recycling to the next level and enables the production of greener battery cells within a truly circular economy.


Conventional recycling processes have a heavy ecological footprint, releasing large amounts of CO2 and requiring the extensive use of water and chemicals. Yet, these processes still fail to recover key resources: as a result, existing players aren’t able to meet regulatory requirements, which are becoming increasingly strict, or provide sufficient resources for the electromobility industry to truly benefit from recycling. In contrast, cylib’s recycling process can extract all of the materials from a lithium-ion-battery, whilst reusing emitted CO2 and eliminating the need for chemicals. This combination makes cylib’s approach the most efficient and sustainable on the planet.


Based in Aachen, CEO Lilian Schwich, CTO Paul Sabarny, COO Gideon Schwich and their team are determined to industrialize their recycling process to pave the way for green mobility.